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Ajik Raffles
10-10-2011, 03:03 PM
Hi All,

When preparing the latest issue of KOI-S Magazine, my friend Hiroshi Toyama suggest me to publish the article: “A Tosai with Future”, written by Elmen Tan. He thought the article would inspiring many of us, in term of how to pick tosai, growing them, entering and winning the Koi Show. I agree with him, but one that more motivating me to publish the article is to answer my simple question: “Is it possible even the big breeder missed the champion Koi when they culled?”. I keep this question for a long time, especially since I was frequently buying imported tosai.

First time I read the article, it feel like I finally found the answer. I immediately asked Elmen and luckily he gave me his permission to publish the article

Today Elmen send me mail and inform that after winning Adult Champion in 4th Asia Cup Asia Koi Show in Kuala Lumpur, the same showa just won the Adult Champion in the recently concluded NHA Koi Show in Singapore. Two years ago Elmen cost this koi for RM 300, but now the price might have no limit. It makes my question raised again and push me to open a discussion. This kind of topic really interesting to discuss. It probably give us an opportunity to get the true "jewel”, the koi champion, and the good investment. What do you think?

courtesy: Niigata-Nishikigoi.com

Bram Rohaan currently working at Dainichi. I know he is very busy this moment but I wish he could visit and join this forum. We need him to share his experiences when involved culling Koi at Dainichi. Isn’t it Bram?


11-10-2011, 09:56 PM
bro Ajik......yes, everything is possible...... .some reason :
- Big breeders may not culled all of the fries by themselves, they may delegate to some people and of course, getting same opinion about beauty from multiple is something "impossible"
- It's very natural that people may develop some signs to predict what happens next, but again, it's all about prediction. From time to time, the prediction may resulting vary.
- Keeping skill (pond, water, feed) is also playing significant role in koi development

All of above are just some reasons, why this such a beautiful koi has missed out from culling session in Dainichi and that's makes this hobby truly exiting..........

11-10-2011, 10:41 PM
ooo ya i remembered this fish.. at the last asia cup in KL mr elmen n gang told me the story about this fish..if i m not mistaken there is another "cheap fish" around the same price that won champion price it was ginrin showa if i could recalled correctly...

at that point this fish already caused quite a stirred in the show,the malaysian hobbyist at the arena, haha now these fish surface again great story..

back to topic, yes definitely breeder can make a mistake when culling the fishes well they are human as well who tend to make a mistake but maybe these time they already reduce these kind of problem..based on my point of view showa would make bigger challenge for the breeder to predict there are a lot of great fishes that was sold "cheap" at tosai and nisai and they became a great fish later on for example sakura, maruyama showa which was sell cheap at tosai/nisai these fish became GC later on

I think these story just similar example from those great fishes I m pretty sure there are a lot more so happy hunting "cheap fish and improve your keeping skill' i do love gambling haha but is there any stories like these about kohaku please enlighten me

12-10-2011, 09:33 AM
I think most of us have the same dream when we decided to buy a tosai, with all the imagination what it will look like when they grow. And if we do get one of this fish, after keeping it for two or three years, watching it growing everyday, makes me feel like you achieved something big and keep the hobby going....and like oom mario85 say ..."spin the wheel"....

bram rohaan
14-10-2011, 08:30 PM
Hi Ajik,

Thanks for mentioning my name :)

I don`t need a lot of words to give hobbyists hope that there are possibilities buying a future Grand Champion:


Sakura won the All Japan Show in 2007, sold as cheap nisai.

With kindest regards,

Bram Rohaan

13-10-2012, 01:29 AM
Interesting discussion Pak Ajik!
There is always a possibility, however how big the chance/probability is merely to be the question here, since we knew that breeders (even our local breeder) have multiple culling on their tosa kois- (even by delegation to their people)
would be good to learn if we could share by posting the pictures of champion kois from tosai until they become a champion
Thanks All!