The Classic is a pistol that acts as a secondary weapon in Valorant. It is the only gun in the armory that costs zero credits. The weapon has two fire modes. The first type shoots single bullets. The alternate fire is a burst of bullets being shot simultaneously as if it's a mini shotgun.
Since the game's release, developers have introduced different ways for Valorant players to unlock free cosmetics. However, the only way to unlock weapon skins for free is through Agent Contracts.
These contracts offer skins for secondary weapons: Classic, Frenzy, Shorty, Ghost, and Sheriff. Players can now use the in-game currency "Kingdom Points" to unlock these skins.
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Currently, five Agents offer Classic skins. This article will rank them from worst to best.

Pistolinha Classic
The Pistolinha Classic is a part of the Duelist, Raze's Agent Contract, and lies in Tier 10. It is priced at 8000 Kingdom Credits.
Another excellent cosmetic to get from Raze's Agent Contract is Tier 6's 'Blast Pin' gun buddy, which costs 4500 Kingdom Points. These pins are most likely the ones she uses for her signature ability, Paint Shell, and are available in two colors, green and orange.
Raze's Pistolinha is not the worst Agent Contract skin but certainly falls short compared to the rest of the Classic skins. It exudes Raze's bombastic nature with an explosion sprayed on the gun model. The weapon's grip is also bandaged up, giving it a makeshift aesthetic.

Final Chamber Classic
The Final Chamber Classic resides in Tier 10 of the Sentinel, Sage's Agent Contract. Besides the Classic, the best cosmetic item to get from her Agent Contract is the 'Radianite Orb' Gun buddy due to its elegant look, which is priced at 4500 Kingdom Points.
Sage's Classic skin is perhaps the most unique Agent Contract skin in Valorant. It is completely made out of her abilities' element, jade. While the skin has its own charm, it comes off as too simplistic and lacks proper detail.

FIRE/arm Classic
The FIRE/arm Classic comes from Tier 10 of the Initiator, KAY/O's Agent Contract. The 'Training Bot' animated spray from Tier 4 is another fun cosmetic item a player can purchase from his contract and costs 3500 Kingdom Points. While KAY/O's Classic skin is not the best looking in this list, it provides players with an animation.
Players can see the colors shift from one side to another horizontally on top of the gun's model. Many Battlepass skins have certainly gotten better animations, but for a free skin, the FIRE/arm Classic gives players a neat one.

Resolution Classic
The Resolution Classic lies in Tier 10 of the Sentinel, Deadlock's Agent Contract. An amazing cosmetic item to acquire from Deadlock's contract is the 'Into The Vault' Player Card, which costs 7500 Kingdom Points. It refers to the events that take place in Valorant's cinematic, 'UNMADE.'
Deadlock's Classic is better than many Battlepass skins in Valorant. It has all her outfit colors with other symbols on top. The white color with yellow accents and a little bit of green on the grip makes it a standout Classic skin in the list.

Finesse Classic
The Finesse Classic resides in Tier 10 of the Sentinel, Chamber's Agent Contract. Another great choice of cosmetic in the contract besides the Classic skin is the 'Call Me' Gun buddy that costs 4500 Kingdom Ponts. It has the cards that Chamber uses while using the ability Rendezvous
Chamber's Classic skin is stylish with its looks. With a hint of pink overlapping with gold and white, the Finesse Classic is one of the classiest-looking Valorant skins among all the Agent Contracts.